2019 Nissan Sentra

Finance from 0% APR for

60 months on select 2019 SENTRA models*

PLUS get $1,000 Bonus Cash on 2019 Sentra*

2019 Nissan Qashqai

Lease from $59/WKLY at 2.9% APR

$255/month at 2.9% APR for 36 months, with $2,795 down on 2019 Qashqai S FWD*

2019 Nissan Rogue

Lease from $69/WKLY, $298/month at 0.9% APR for 24 months,

with $2,995 down on 2019 ROGUE S FWD*

PLUS for an additional $5 per week, get a Rogue Special Edition**

2018 Nissan Titan

Get up to 25% MSRP Cash credit on select models*
Lease  from $95/WKLY at 4.9% APR

$412/month, for 24 months, with $3,795 down on Titan King Cab SV Premium*

2019 Nissan Altima

Lease from $79/WKLY at 3.4% APR,

$341 monthly, for 60 months, with $1,295 down on 2019 Altima S*

2019 Nissan Armada

Lease from $699/MTHLY at 3.7% APR for 48 months,

with $5,990 down on 2019 Armada SL*

2018 Nissan Frontier

Get up to $3,500 total standard rate finance cash on remaining select 2018 Frontier models*

2019 Kicks

Lease from $49/WKLY, $213/month at 3.5% APR for 60 months,

with $2,195 down on Kicks S*

2018 Nissan Maxima

Get up to $7,000 total standard rate finance cash on 2018 Maxima Models*

2019 Nissan Micra

Lease from $39/WKLY , $166/month, at 5.9% APR for 60 months

With $0 down on 2019 Micra S*

2019 Nissan Murano

Lease from $499/MNTHLY at 4.5% APR for 48 months

with $3,695 down on 2019 Murano SL*

2019 Nissan Pathfinder Rock Creek Edition

Lease from $119/WKLY $515/month, at 4.4% APR for 39 months, with $3,495 down on 2019 Pathfinder SV Rock Creek*

or Get up to $6,000 MSRP on remaining select 2018 Pathfinder models*

2019 Nissan Versa Note

Lease from $55/Wkly at 2.9% APR,

$237 monthly, for 60 months, with $0 on 2019 Versa Note SV CVT*

2019 370Z

Get up to $1,000 loyalty cash on 2019 370Z*

2019 Nissan Leaf

Lease from $127/WKLY at 5.5% APR

$552/month, for 60 months with $3,998 down on 2019 LEAF SV*

Offers available on qualifying models purchased/leased/financed and delivered between April 2-30, 2019
1Up to $1,500/$1,000/$1,500/$2,000/$2,000 payment waiver is available on the lease or finance of a new and previously unregistered 2019 Rogue/Sentra/Qashqai/Murano/Pathfinder model, on approved credit, from an authorized Nissan dealer in Canada between April 2-30, 2019. Up to the first 3 monthly lease/finance payments (exclusive of taxes) will be waived, up to the applicable maximum outlined above. After waived payments, customer will be required to make all remaining scheduled lease/finance payments over the remaining term of the contract. If the total of 3 monthly lease/finance payments exceeds the applicable maximum outlined above, then customer will be responsible for paying any difference. If the total of the 3 monthly lease/finance payments is less than the applicable maximum outlined above, then customer will not be credited with the difference. The value of a customer’s lease/finance payments will be impacted by the length of the term and the down payment, if any, as selected by the consumer.
2Bonus cash of $1,000/$1,000/$1,500/$2,000/$2,000 will be deducted from the negotiated selling price before taxes and is applicable to customers who lease, finance or purchase any 2019 Sentra/Qashqai/Rogue/Murano/Pathfinder models from a Nissan dealer between April 2-30, 2019.
3Limited time offer provided through Nissan Canada Financial Services Inc. (NCF) on approved credit. Up to 1% rate reduction is available on new 2019 Rogue/Sentra/Qashqai/Murano/Pathfinder models financed or leased from a Nissan dealer in between April 2-30, 2019. Customer will receive up to a 1% reduction off lease or finance rates currently available through NCF to a minimum of 0% APR. Under no circumstances can rates be reduced below 0% APR.
Offers are subject to change or cancellation without notice. Taxes extra. See your participating Nissan dealer or visit Choosenissan.ca for details. Certain conditions apply. ©2019 Nissan Canada Inc.