The All New 2018 GT-R


Putting a sharper edge on the blisteringly quick GT-R®,
the Track Edition gives you competition-quality gear, including
NISMO® wheels, a NISMO- tuned suspension and special
body bonding. On the outside, the dry carbon-fibre rear
spoiler provides downforce, and is a work of art in its
own right. Inside, a unique red and black interior
featuring grippy and supportive Recaro® front
seats help hard-wire you to the experience.

  Rather than being designed to the demands of aerodynamics, the GT-R® sculpts the air to its needs - becoming a force of nature as much as a force to be reckoned with..


  The GT-R®'s rear fascia has been extended at the sides to accelerate air away from the back of the bumper, helping to pull hot gases away, to cool the exhaust. 


  Vibration testing, laser measurement, and comprehensive inspections by experienced specialists are performed on every Nissan GT-R to ensure long-term functionality.
A tradition of craftsmanship makes the GT-R® a
supercar that will take your breath away - even when sitting still.

  Turn air vent that was studied, designed, and developed by a quality expert to operate flawlessly for years. Rotate a switch that's been subtly etched on the outside to enhance its feel. Or let your eyes travel across a dashboard that comes from a single Nappa leather hide, hand-selected for tone, and free of even the smallest imperfection. This is attention to detail bordering on obsession.


  Available semi-aniline leather appointments on the center console, door panels, and shift lever surround you in comfort, with available semi-aniline leather and double-stitching on the seats are a tactile and visual feast.


  Available Recaro leather-appointed front seats are built for performance. These bolstered sport seats help keep you in place, while cutouts in the driver's seat cushion facilitate leg movement. The distinctive black leather with red accents rev up your interior. 
Enhancing the way you get information lets you focus on what matters most - the pure enjoyment of the drive.

  The Display Commander lets you dial in your world, allowing you to control key functions through GT-R®'s multi-touch screen. By rotating the dial, or pushing it to the left or right, you can scroll through all menus, and move selections around the screen.

  The combination meter uses meshing gears as its motif. The tachometer is placed in the center, with the large-scale gear indicator on the upper right, supporting the driver with immediate readability when driving on the circuit.


  Carefully crafting each part, thinking of the mind, body, and spirit of the customers who will use their products - that is the spirit of the Takumi, a part Japanese tradition. And that is the human soul in the Nissan GT-R®, a supercar that could never be created in a factory that only pursues rationality.
Featuring a multitude of technologies that are as expertly crafted as your Nissan GT-R®.
   NissanConnect Services

NissanConnect Services is a suite of
 digital alerts and remote access features
designed to connect your world to your
car. Working through your compatible
smartphone, it can provide roadside
assistance, help you locate or remotely
lock your vehicle, send notifications to your
compatible phone, and much more.

  The Nissan Intelligent Key® lets you
  tap a button on the door handle to
  lock and unlock your GT-R®, while
  your keys stay in your pocket or purse.
  With the standard Push Button Ignition
  feature, you just get in, push the button
  and go.

   More Than One Way
To Command The Display

In addition to its touch functionality, you
can control the 8" touch-screen using the
all-new Display Commander. Positioned
just behind the gearshift, it lets you toggle
up and down, side-to-side, rotate, scroll
through and control your infotainment
system, all without the need to look down
or touch the display screen.
The immense power and capability of the Nissan GT-R® comes with a level of safety, control, and convenience features designed to inspire confidence every moment you're behind the wheel.
Starting at $125,000*

Track Edition
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* All-in prices above includes Frt+PDI, Air  Tax, Tire Tax + OMVIC Fee. **HST + Lic. are extra.      

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